Welcome to the Scalable Tools for Open-source Read Mapping (STORM) Seq package. Create a private, personal read-mapping environment in the cloud. Minimal technical expertise necessary.

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STORMSeq is now ready for beta release!

The latest version of STORMSeq can always be found by searching for "stormseq" among Amazon EC2 AMIs.

The STORMSeq paper is out in PLOS ONE! It is freely available here: "STORMSeq: an open-source, user-friendly pipeline for processing personal genomics data in the cloud." PLoS One. 2014 Jan 15;9(1):e84860. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0084860. eCollection 2014..

Release History:

  • v 1.0 (beta): ami-b35b7cda (hg19)
    • Samtools variant calling
    • Added multithreading to various software packages where possible
    • Initial support for user control of instance type
    • Fixed single sample calling when in root of S3 bucket
    • Numerous bug fixes
  • v 0.9 (beta): ami-24d7ab4d (hg19)
    • Added visualization
    • Annotations using VEP
    • Initial support for BWA-mem
    • Numerous bug fixes
  • v 0.8.5 (beta): ami-5392113a (hg19)
    • Fixed bug in BWA mapping
  • v 0.8 (beta): ami-7545c31c (hg19)
    • First release!